Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Fearless Musliims Of North African-Part1

Karmayogin, 28 August 1909
Spain and the Moor
Another corner of the Asiatic world—for Northern Africa is
thoroughly Asianised if not Asiatic,—is convulsed with struggles
which may well precede another resurgence. There was a
time when the Moor held Spain and gave civilisation to semibarbarous
Europe. The revolution of the wheel has now gone to its utmost length and finds the Spaniard invading Morocco. But
this invasion does not seem to promise any Spanish expansion in
Africa.With infinite difficulty and at the cost of a bloody ´emeute
in Spain King Alfonso’s Government have landed a considerable
army in Morocco and yet with all that force can only just protect
their communications and stand facing the formidable country
where the stubborn Kabyle tribesmen await the invader. There
the army is hung up for the present, unwilling to retreat and
afraid to advance, and the Spanish General has again sent to
Spain for reinforcements, a feat of military strategy at which he
seems to be exceptionally skilful. If the men of the mountains are
fortunate enough to have a leader with a head on his shoulders,
the circumstances augur a reverse for Spain as decisive and perhaps
more sanguinary than the Italian overthrow in Abyssinia.
Meanwhile King Alfonso has sacrificed all his youthful popularity
by this ill-omened war and the bloody severity which
has temporarily saved his throne. And with the popularity of
the young King has gone the friendship of the Spanish nation
for England, for the Spaniards accuse that friendship of the
origination of these troubles and the British Govern

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