Monday, April 12, 2010

What's Divine Grace?

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Ron Krumpos said...

I have read "The Life Divine" twice, as well as three other books by Sri Aurobindo. He inspires me.

GRACE. Divine grace is spiritual assistance not specifically earned by its recipient. Most mystics believe that divine grace is offered at all times, in all places and to all beings, but the sentiments, thoughts and actions of the ego self, and individual isolation, block its entry. Everyone has received divine grace during selfless periods of their life. Mystics who gave up their ego and individuality were in a state of grace and may share it. Most mystics say that grace is essential to realize oneness; some seem to equate divine grace, love and spirit.

"...essential foundations of Orthodox spirituality. The aim of man's life is union with God (henosis) and deification (theosis). The Greek Fathers have used the term “deification” to a greater extent than the Latins. What is meant is not, of course, a pantheistic identity, but a sharing, through grace, in the divine life. Union with God is the perfect fulfillment of the “kingdom” announced by the Gospel, and of that charity or love which sums up all the Law and Prophets. ‘We are made sons of God’ says St. Athanasius.” C

"God's grace is the beginning, middle and the end. When you pray for God's grace, you are like someone standing neck deep in water and yet crying for water.” Ramana Maharishi H

“God continually showers the fullness of his grace on every being in the universe, but we consent to receive it to a greater or lesser extent.” Simone Weil J/C

“The deified person, while remaining completely human in nature...becomes wholly in God in both body and soul, through grace and the divine brightness of the beatifying glory that permeates the whole person.” Maximus the Confessor C

"May I be far removed from contending creeds and dogmas. Ever since my Lord's grace entered my mind, My mind has never strayed to seek such distractions.” Milarepa B

“One cannot see God without His grace. receive the grace of God one must renounce egotism; one cannot see God as long as one feels “I am the doer.” Ramakrishna H

(Quoted from "the greatest achievement in life," an e-book at )