Friday, March 5, 2010

How To Do Yoga Ardha Sexasana

Step1..Study karmasutra and vist porn sites
Step2..wear an ochre robe(minus the underwear)
Step3..hunt for lovely delicious looking women
step4..its practical time!!


Mystique Earth said...

Step 5: Young "Saints" should not be allowed to start ashrams

Mystique Earth said...

Step 6: Bring him to light & ask him fo enlighten us as to what sadhana he was doing in bed with the hot actress.

Mystique Earth said...

Step 7: Demand from him a public apology if he is the one in the video. My mind was just getting a little creative.."perhaps in the style of mission impossible, could someone accomplished the possible in bed using a face mask to look like the Parama....hamsa?

Mystique Earth said...

Step 8: Paramahamsa's & all other "saints" should stop collecting money in exchange for "in"-"ligtenment"

Mystique Earth said...

Some devotees were blogging & speculating about this "Swami" about 2 years ago. Two persons said that they intuitively felt that this man was the direct lineage of the great Paramahamsa himself.

Another, interesting person said that his intuition was tested & verified by Zen monks with great marks. He was trying to warn that this guy was an imposter. However, being singled out with 2-1, he did not pursue the discussion further as the other 2 were adamant that this guy is intuitively bonafide saint.

Man, talk about this intuition thing can sometimes be scary as people don't know when they are wrong with their intuition.

Mystique Earth said...

Step 9: Upon becoming a "Saint", Thou shall not stroke your wand with your "God given" healing hands.

Mystique Earth said...

Check out this one:

Another imposter in the loose...

the seventh waves said...
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the seventh waves said...

Prabupadha..mmm..Krishna also a very very wealthy religious org..

the seventh waves said...

Thanks for the link mate..looks like this "guruji' has a dato seri!!

the seventh waves said...

Beliveing in god,guru,is fine,but,we must also beleive in atman,the supreme lord in us,the brahman/the soul locked in our's not easy,but we should aspire thru devotion,love,aspiration

Mystique Earth said...

Hi bro,
I did not espouse Krishna consciousness or Prabhupad. Actually, it was his comments regarding "not interested in wealth" that caught my attention.

That's the reason of sharing. But it is a long article. Sorry.

Mystique Earth said...

You won't believe what i just read:

Just check this out:

The page on dhyanapeedam website says this:

Wherever you may be, chant the guru mantra ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha’ between 7am/pm and 7:20 am/pm to be blessed and healed by Swamiji’s energy.

Thats epic.This means that his energy is transmitted throughout the world (universe maybe? ),so that people can get it when they pray at that time,since he will be praying at that time.

Sounds to me like a radio tranmitting channel saying ,” tune in into our station at 7AM to listen”.

Can any one of the Nithyananda’s followers or Nithyananda himself can prove that such an energy exists.

Can they prove on which wavelentgh,frequecny that energy is trasnmitted.Is it wave like similar to electromagnetism or packet like similar to photons?Is it discrete or continous? Can it be measured?

Mystique Earth said...

Regarding the Dato Seri Guruji,
Check out the link that i gave you.

It appears that the Guru & his son are enjoying big time "sex" with their followers.

His son made a girl pregnant & tried to cover the news by bribing even the local police.

Man, this is terrible ,if true.
This reminds me of Sammy the great. The "only" true leader of the Indian society in Malaysia.

Mystique Earth said...

BTW, if you want entertainment, check out the knowledgerush site. Some of the commentators really speak with wisdom. That is nice.

But some, they are really hillarious. Tamil knowledge is required to appreciate this jokes.

Some good samaritans are trying untiringly to do a reality check & trying their level best to make the "devotees" come out of it.

Again, the results are sometimes hillarious, sometimes the comments fm the followers are unbelievable.

the seventh waves said...

"That's the reason of sharing. But it is a long article. Sorry."
Bro,please dont say sorry.

"It appears that the Guru & his son are enjoying big time "sex" with their followers.'
oh boy..why dont they just convert the ashrams into karmasutra hippy type of ashram?(sex equals to bliss..yay!!;-) ) converting into karma sutra/hippy type of yoga dharma center,it will b perfectly legitimate,and ok to do variety of sexasanas/yoga..and i m willing to bet their devotees will be up exponentially!more devotess,more babes,more honey n money!!

Anonymous said...

the prob is(and this problem is especially acute amongts the hindus) is ordinary folks,devotess have been regarding gods,gurus/swamis as superior,more powerful than us,and we trust follow blindly any swamy/guruji without critical thinking( genuine/true yogis do their work silently without fun fare, without publicity).